How do we work with patients?

We practice a new model of medicine, where you as the patient are the center of your care. We believe in spending the time to completely understand you and your distinct goals to best design a treatment protocol that is effective and makes sense for you. This dynamic patient and practitioner collaboration solves the frustrations patients often experience with their typical healthcare system.

Functional Medicine is:

Investigative. “Health detective” approach that focuses on identifying and treating the underlying cause of illnesses instead of suppressing pesky symptoms. Patient-Centered. Treats the whole patient, not the disease. Treatments are custom-tailored based on unique presentation of the patient. Collaborative. Patients are educated and empowered to play an active and participatory role in healing. Integrative. Combines the best evidence-based, cutting-edge research with traditional healing wisdom for a holistic, lasting recovery. Long-lasting. Dynamic health shifts are grounded with empowered knowledge. Contrary to a quick and restrictive diet, the goal is to transform actions into empowered habits. Treatments are focused on allowing the body access its natural power to heal. Restorative healing has mild or no side effects and unrelated health problems often self-resolve.

Dr.Rachel explains how Functional Medicine can help you

Become a Patient

When considering becoming a patient with Precision Empowered Health, it is important to understand that we only work with those serious about reclaiming their health. You must be qualified by our doctor to be treated at our clinic...

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“I have been under the care of Dr. Rachel for about a month and I can truly say that it has been a very positive and transformative experience thus far. Dr. Rachel has been able to show me how my body reacts to certain kinds of foods and how they help or detract from my overall health. Her focus is on finding the root of the problem and fixing it, rather than merely treating the symptoms. My digestive issues have dramatically improved since the short time I’ve been under her care and continue to get better with every passing day.  I’m very impressed with Dr. Rachel’s vast knowledge on her field of expertise. She is able to clearly set short and long term health goals without it being overwhelming. She is very attentive towards her patients and is very easy to get a hold of if one has any questions regarding treatment.  I would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their health!”

- Aniel Cabán • Principal Violia with Boulder Chamber Orchestra • Boulder, CO.

Working with Dr. Rachel

Precision Empowered Health works with patients with a different medical model than you may be accustomed to. As a new patient, treatment is broken into three phases:


Phase One: Case Review, Hands On Evaluation and Report of Findings

Initial Case Review

The Initial Case Review is your first actual appointment. It is a comprehensive 1.5-hour overview of your health history, food journal, and existing lab work, as well as a hands-on Functional Evaluation if needed. This consultation will determine which lab tests will be most appropriate for investigating your health concerns. The initial lab tests will be ordered during this appointment. Because many tests typically take 3-4 weeks to complete, no specific recommendations will be made during this appointment. In the meantime, you will be asked to begin a baseline diet reset to prepare your body for treatment.

Hands On Functional Evaluation

This appointment is your second appointment. In addition to a current supplement evaluation, you receive a hands on functional evaluation and Neuro-lingual testing of supportive supplements. This hands on learning appointment is a favorite.

Individualized HealthPrint Report of Findings & Customized Treatment Plan

The Report of Findings is your third appointment. It is a 1.5-hour follow-up to your Initial Case Review once all of your lab work has been completed. The goal of this appointment is to help you make sense of your lab work, to discuss the underlying causes of any symptoms, and to help you understand the big-picture approach to your case and launch your customized functional medicine health plan. This appointment concludes with your detailed treatment plan including dietary, supplemental, adjunctive and lifestyle therapies.  

Phase Two: Active Phase Treatment

Follow-up Strategy Sessions are lifestyle and nutritional coaching sessions designed to monitor your progress. This is where the work begins! We provide adjustments to your diet, supplements, individual progress and speed of healing. On average, the expected treatment time is 2-4 months for an acute or mild condition and 6-8 months for a severe or complex condition. Our Functional Medicine expert, Dr. Rachel, will actively monitor your progress with hands-on evaluations, a detailed food journal, and repeat lab tests to objectively track your response to treatment. Our goal is to help you rewind years of bad habits and the ensuing health complications they create. We’ll fight by your side, one step at a time, and provide you with the tools you’ll need to meet any challenge that arises on your journey to optimal health.  

Phase Three: Resilience Phase Treatment

Resilience Phase is an exciting graduation, a milestone where your active health issues are finally resolved, and you are free to look to the future and define further goals. Wellness isn’t achieved through a one-time shock-and-awe treatment; it’s a series of incremental, conscious steps in the right direction. This third and final phase celebrates your achievements and encourages you to actively maintain your progress, even as you set higher goals. After overcoming initial health concerns such as chronic fatigue or obesity, we’ll teach you to actively monitor your own day-to-day health and respond correctly to your unique symptoms. We’ll check in with you, of course, but you’re the one in charge! You may choose to pursue further wellness goals such as scheduling your own yearly detox, laying the groundwork for fertility, or preparing to run a dream marathon. We belief your highest and most abundant health goals are within reach!

See if you qualify for care:

Free Health Strategy Session

We offer prospective patients a complimentary 45-minute Health Strategy Session to discuss your health history and concerns. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the treatment process, expectations, and goals. We believe empowered health is an active collaboration between the Doctor and the patient and it’s important to understand that we do not work with everyone. After reviewing your case, both you and Dr. Rachel will make the decision whether to initiate treatment. Precision Empowered Health offers the best of Functional Medicine and works to get to the bottom of your health issues. We take the time to truly understand your health history and create an actionable plan that you can succeed in.

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