How do I become a patient of Precision Empowered Health?

When considering treatment with Precision Empowered Health, it’s important to understand that we do not work for everyone. Our patients must be relentlessly dedicated to their healing journey and willing to do whatever it takes to get well. This is a requirement for all prospective patients.

Free Health Strategy Session

We offer prospective patients a complimentary 45-minute Health Strategy Session to discuss your health history and concerns. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the treatment process, expectations, and goals. We believe empowered health is an active collaboration between the Doctor and the patient and it’s important to understand that we do not work with everyone. After reviewing your case, both you and Dr. Rachel will make the decision whether to initiate treatment.

Do you qualify for care?

Complete our Free Health Strategy Request Form or call us at 720-375-0128.

Click here to see if you qualify to become a patient by completing our Consultation Request Form or call us at 720-375-0128.

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Become a Patient

When considering becoming a patient with Precision Empowered Health, it is important to understand that we only work with those serious about reclaiming their health. You must be qualified by our doctor to be treated at our clinic...

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