she is an instructor and an in-demand 9 News contributor who teaches and lectures nationwide

Dr. Rachel Yan, DC, NTP, RWP is a leader in the fields of traditional diets, holistic nutrition, and functional medicine. Her unique approach combines the wisdom of holistic healing and the cutting-edge science of diagnostic medicine to transform her patients into their true, optimally healthy selves.

Dr. Rachel has been studying, practicing, and teaching alternative medicine for over a decade. She was first drawn to medicine in grade school while volunteering at veterinary clinics and hospital emergency rooms. At the University of Colorado, she studied Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology and received her post-graduate degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic West. She was the first Palmer West student to receive the prestigious Dr. George Good heart Jr. Scholarship and graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic at the age of 24.

She now holds post-graduate certifications from the Nutritional Therapy Association and Restorative Wellness Solutions, as well as certifications in Functional Blood Chemistry and Traditional Foods Cooking. In addition to maintaining her clinical schedule, she is an instructor and an in-demand 9 News contributor who teaches and lectures nationwide

Dr. Rachel lives and practices in Denver, Colorado. She is a foodie and a health advocate—and asserts that they are one in the same. She believes any health goal is a single empowered decision away and dreams of one day hosting an intimate, nutrient-dense dinner party at the Louvre.

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“When I first came to see Dr. Rachel, I was living an unhealthy life and working a couple labor-intensive, backbreaking jobs. As a result, I was wearing myself down at a rapid rate and at way too young an age. Additionally, I was unaware of the power of nutrition and just how much it could affect your overall health. Dr. Rachel was able to help break my sugar addiction, give me healthy alternatives, and put my body back together.  She has such a passionate, educated, and caring perspective about health and wellness that it becomes contagious the more you get to know her and do the same for yourself.  She is such a giving person and is so understanding for people who are struggling to make ends meet but really need the help.  Since knowing Dr. Rachel she has really helped pave the way for where I need to go in life and has changed my life for the better.  I hope she can do the same for you!”

- Susan Nelson • Denver, CO.

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